New York City

I was born here, so sometimes when I praise the city so much I doubt myself. Am I just like the person who lives in the middle of nowhere but still considers it to be the best place in the world? Am I just used to New York so that’s what’s comfortable for me? People reassure me that my belief that The City is the center of the universe is objectively true but I’m not sure.

There is so much to praise in this city.

diversity you have EVERYTHING in NYC. There is such a variety of people and things that you are always exposed to new ideas, you are always meeting new people and doing new things. I saw written somewhere the hypothesis that it is impossible to discover all of New York because by the time you’ve seen everything, a part of the city you went to 6 months ago is completely different. There is just so much of it and its always exciting.

perspective here you can see every part of the spectrum. From the people just starting their lives with the hopes of working their way up, to the top of the game. It’s absolutely motivating and extraordinary to be able to wall down the streets where the world most successful people choose to live and work. The entire world travels to this island. Yet on the outskirts you can see the lowest depths of the American “dream”. It’s a living mass of success and failure mixing, rising and falling so quickly it’s hard to tell the difference. Epic.

intensity the city that never sleeps. Everybody is on a mission. Everyone is going somewhere. And nobody is laying around taking a nap mid day. No. Here shit gets done. No excuses.

excellence whether we like it or not, the world is  run from NYC. More so than any other place in the world, vital decisions are made every day that affect not just the government of one country but a vast cross section of industries. All the way from fashion and merchandising to finance and technology and even the United Nations. In many ways, New York City is the capital of the world.

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