The George Washington University

College itself doesn’t really do much. The whole going to class thing is pretty useless. However, that doesn’t mean the experience is a waste. I’d argue the exact opposite. I likely learned the most in any 3.5 year period while I was at GW. Not because of the classes or any other organized activities facilitated by the school. I learned because of the environment. Because I was living on my own for the first time. First time paying for everything myself, first time living on my own schedule, first time when I actually picked what I did.

Plenty of bad things happened, but every single time it was because of a decision I made, and every single time I got past it, and every single time I learned something enormously valuable.

In the end, I completed 3.5 years of varsity swimming, I started 2 companies that both failed, I made a very small fortune and spent a slightly larger one. I came out of it emboldened, confident, determined and endlessly ambitious. Over those four years my entire approach to life changed.

Before I tried to succeed in video games, now I will demolish life.

And for that I thank GW.

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