On Jumping Right Into It

There’s a difference between doing something and doing the right thing.

“Doing work to do work” is a waste of time. Maintaining a meticulous calendar or logging your time or taking the time to take good organized notes can impede actual work from being done. Those may be true on the short term but in the long term we suffer for it. The most important thing in life is organizing your thoughts. Ideas creat value. Working doesn’t.

To really achieve our potential the counterintuitive is often the most important:

  1. Be deliberate – There are 100s of things that we could each be doing right now. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you reading this? Is it worth it? Sometimes, yes. Most of the time though, we don’t think before doing the easiest thing. Don’t do easy, do right. 
  2. Record, don’t forgetRecord every idea, every important thought. Even if you can’t do anything about it now. Even if its just in a list called “ideas for later”. You’ll thank yourself. And you’ll especially thank yourself for writing down, and putting in an obvious place. The notes and next steps of your discussions will elevate you.
  3. Important > UrgentEvery day there are at least 10 things that we thing we MUST do. Stop. Think. What are the bad things that will actually happen if we don’t? In most cases we are just building up, awfulizing, or scared of saying no. Pick the tasks that don’t just feel urgent but are actually important. The ones that will make your life better. “Urgent” but valueless will disappear and you will create more value, be happier, be better.
  4. Be structuredTake the time to come up with a framework work for your work. You’ll thank yourself in two months when you’re wading through 100s of documents trying to find the one version that you creates two weeks ago that now turns out to be the best. Or “I drew that when I was thinking if it 2 weeks ago!” but now it’s completely gone. Or “what was that idea I had during our meeting 3 weeks ago?”. If you have a framework, everything will be in its proper place.

Do this and  you gain that time back 100x in benefit.

There’s a difference between doing something and doing the right thing.

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