Plants are conscious and we should still eat them.

Most people have one of two views:

1. Only humans are conscious, all other animals are not.

2. Only humans and some more complex animals are conscious.

I believe that its more likely that consciousness is a spectrum and that even rocks and plants are conscious. Although to a lesser extent than humans and cows.

Of the people that believe complex animals are conscious, most think that our exploitation and killing of animals for food is akin to slavery. That our ancestors will look back on us eating meat the same way that we currently look at our slave holding ancestors.

I disagree. If we value all life exactly equally nothing will ever get done. If you agree that evolution is the only real point of life (since thats what got us here), we must continue to evolve. Keeping everyone and everything alive isn’t going to do that.

We must take advantage of the resources that are available to us to evolve.

^Day 12/90 175 words

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