The US should accept hundreds of thousands of refugees.

The current goal for the US is 10,000. We should take much more. My argument is:

1. Patriotic immigrants are always good.

2. US infrastructure is falling apart.

3. Power comes from population.

Patriotic immigrants are always good. By “patriotic” I mean immigrants that come to the US and adopt it as their own country. These are the people that built and continue to build the US. They are generally more motivated and more innovative than comfortable multi-generational Americans. Notable 1st or 2nd generation immigrants include: Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, among many others.

Us infrastructure is falling apart. To the question of “What will they do?” Employ them to rebuilt American roads, trains, high speed networks and the electric grid. There is ample precedent for such programs in the building of the cross-country railroads in the 19th century and the New Deal in the 1930s. During this employment, offer them classes in English and all the skills they will need to be gainfully employed once the program ends.

Power comes from population. If the US is to remain a great power, it must both increase the size and diversity of its population. Large populations lead to large economic output in the long run. Diversity of population leads to more innovative and groundbreaking ideas.

If the US plans to continue as the pre-eminent world power integrating immigrants in the population is a priority.

One important caveat is that these immigrants must be integrated into the population. Not kept on the outskirts like they are in France. As we’ve seen in recent years that is a recipe for disaster.

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