Lying is bad for your self-interest, in every case.

Although lying may be easier or more helpful in the short term, it will come back to haunt you.

1. People will respect you for telling the truth which leads to trust which leads to better outcomes for you. Both in personal and professional relationships. Lying will lead people to avoid you, your company and your services.

2. Bringing up disagreements, as long as they are handled in a civil manner, will lead to better outcomes for both parties. If you let differences simmer, it leads to resentment and to negative actions. Truth may be hard but if you can talk through it you will get to a place you didn’t think was possible. The want to lie is usually a symptom of an underlying problem or disagreement.

3. In 2016 its almost certain that your lies will be discovered.

4. Its hard to keep lies straight. Lying will just increase stress that you will someday be caught in a contradiction. And given #3, its a matter of when not if.

5. Converse to #4, telling the truth allows you to reduce stress by unburdening problems that you see. The problems are no longer just your burden to cary. The group carries them and solves them.

^Day 27/90 219 Words

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