The hardest part of building habits for me is escalating when my current strategy isn’t working.

Admitting that I don’t have the willpower to “just do it”.

The first example of this was when I had stopped exercising in the mornings. For 2 years I woke up at 6 and did some sort of exercise. Then I moved and the habit fell apart.

For the next 2 years I would set my alarm for 6 and snooze more than half the time. I got sick of it and admitted that I wasn’t letting myself get enough sleep. I committed to sleeping 8 hours a night. I had to cut down on social time on weeknights. But, I started to wake up at 6am. It turns out I was setting myself up to fail.

Its now been another 2 years of consistent exercising in the morning.

This is always easier to see in retrospect. It is the hardest part of habit building. Identifying the things I am doing that are setting me up to fail.

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