Personal vs Professional is a false dichotomy.

It may have made sense in the industrial age. (and still does make sense in countries that are developing.)

In the developed world, this will hold you back from fulfillment.

1. Personal affects Professional. At the most basic level, your health affects how effective you are. Going further, having a well balanced social life gives you an emotional base to build on. It increases your ability to deal with stress and difficulty. All this sets you up to succeed in your career.

2. Professional affect Personal. Conversely, if you are miserable when you’re working, you will feel miserable in general. Your health will suffer. Your social life will suffer. You will not be happy. Your work will suffer.

3. Its better to focus. If you’re switching brain spaces every day you’ll have less willpower and energy. You’ll be less engaged both in personal and professional tasks. If your personal and professional lives are consistent you will do more.

What can you do about this?

1. Build good health habits. Exercise, eat more healthily and take care of your brain or spiritual side. If your career is making this impossible. Consider a change of career. Or at least, a change of company.

2. Build good social habits. Keep friends that make you better. Get rid of the negative influences in your life. Spend time with them. Spend time with your family. Build meaningful relationships.

3. Fight for balance in your professional life. Don’t just assume that you have to work 100 hours a week since the boss said so. Don’t assume that you have to work on things you don’t like. Talk to your boss. Share common goals. Keep the companies goals in mind and offer alternate solutions. You’ll be surprised about how much you can do while keeping the company happy. They just care about output. Not how you get there. And if they’re not receptive, change companies.

4. Finally, figure out your ideal work. Its not an easy process. It will take time. But, finding the intersection between “I love doing this” and “It can make me money” is key. To do this, reflect. Which work has been your favorite that you’ve done so far? How can you do more of that? Keep reflecting on this once a month. You’ll find that perfect mix. Then you can ask for more of it. Or go to a different place.

Its an iterative process. Over time, you’ll be happier and fulfilled.

Enjoy your life. You’ll succeed more.

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