Nightclubs are a con for separating rich people from their money.

Important exception: clubs that are not expensive and focus on music.

1. They’re designed to appeal to your ego and desire for status. Theres a line outside. Not everyone gets in. BUT, you can skip it if you pay. Inside, there isn’t any room. BUT theres a special area where you can sit if you pay more money.

2. There is no real benefit to going to a nightclub. At the end of the night you’ve spent time waiting to get in and dozens to 100s of $s on drinks. Or thousands of dollars skipping the line and elevating yourself above the crowd. None of this lasts past 1 night. And, as soon as you stop spending $ on more alcohol your status is demoted.

3. If you’re there without spending a lot of $, you’re just the audience that creates the ego boosting effect for the “big spenders”. Without the audience the nightclubs would have no reason to charge such high prices.

4. If you’re looking to “meet people”. There are much better places to do it. Even if you’d like to spend that much money doing it.

5. If you’re looking to “dance”. You’re probs lying to yourself. If you’re not, again there are much better places to do it. Go to a latin dance club. Go to a democratic music focused venue. Go to a concert. Nightclubs play the same music over and over anyway.

6. Bonus: The clubs are design to encourage you to drink more. Its like walking into a field of poison gas willingly.

An anecdote from a nytimes article on clubs in China: There are clubs that promote this openly. Instead of a dance floor in the center, they have a raised platform for bottle service. Each table has a transparent case next to it to display bottles. Everyone in the club can tell at a glance which table spent the most money.

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