We’re returning to a hunter gather style of ownership.

$s will matter less, fulfillment will matter more.

The “sharing” economy is technology for a system native americans would recognize.

Capitalism and ownership took over for thousands of years. It was too difficult to manage sharing resources amongst more than a couple dozen people. Capitalism is the answer.

Money replaced barter. Its too difficult to keep thousands of barter exchange rates in your head. (apples for wood, wood for shoes, shoes for legal services etc…)

Now that we have the technology to do the managing. We’re going back to “sharing” everything.

Its also more efficient. Instead of buying a house and using it 2 times a year while it stands empty for the rest of the time. Buy the house and make money for the time you’re not there.

The monetary layer is still there for now. But, its easy to imagine a world where the monetary value is all under the service. People gain for sharing their assets and skills in return for the use of others assets and skills.

Maybe. Just maybe, it will lead to less focus on $, and more focus on fulfillment.

There will be more liquidity in rare skills. Marketing and luck (being in the right place at the right time) will matter less. People will do what they’re good at. The technology will find the other people that need that skill. No matter where in the world they are.

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