What if the variety of Donald Trump is better than continuing the current political establishment?

1. Its not like the current political establishment is perfect or that great. The Democrat / Republican order brought us many wars (Iraq, Vietnam, etc..). Its brought us much hate all over the world. In Latin America alone we’ve supported countless dictatorships. We argue over social differences but at the end of the day both current sides agree that all those things were “the best decision in the moment”.

2. If we elect HC 4 out of the last 5 us presidents will come from 2 families. How is that democracy?

3. Can DT actually do anything scary as president without congress behind him?

4. DT is acknowledging a fear / emotion that large portions of the population hold. We can’t just ignore those people. Even if they’re wrong. It won’t work to say “You’re immoral! change!” We have to somehow convince them to change. Maybe having DT as president will force that conversation into the public instead of pretending that its not an issue.

5. The social shaming of DT (small hands etc…) seems like a way of distracting from the real conversations. If republicans were making fun of Hilary for obsessing about her hair there would be outrage at use of small minded tactics.

It seems like breaking the current political order might be worth having an embarrassing president for 4-8 years. Systems work better if they are shaken up every once in a while. When was the last US shakeup?

Whats the argument against this?

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