The problem with the current politicians is that they take themselves too seriously.

Or that we, the people, force themselves to take themselves too seriously.

The annual corespondents dinner is the perfect example of this. Especially the headline comedian. When you watch the footage or hear about the experience from the comedians perspective, you see that the people in the room can’t take a little criticism. They can’t laugh at themselves.

How can you expect people who can’t laugh or criticize themselves to have good ideas? The most innovative ideas come from under intense criticism. From iteration. From working together in a high pressure candid environment where all are willing to push for the truth.

No wonder the government can’t do anything innovative. They’re too scared of each other’s criticism.

As Stephan Colbert said on his show last night to Larry Wilmore:

“Those people have nuclear launch codes but they can’t take a fucking joke.”

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