It seems to be hard to create a compelling alternate universe in cinema.

There are only a few well produced examples. In writing there is far more. There are a few more in TV but I tend to avoid TV series as they take up so much time.

Compelling universes in cinema:

Star Wars

Star Trek

Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter

Game of Thrones (even though its TV it fits here)

Marvel / DC Comics

Notable failures to transfer to cinema well. Or to just be made well.:


Jupiter Ascending

The Golden Compass




This gets frustrating when looking for new content to consume. The options seem to be to watch a TV series which is a 60+ hour time suck or a shitty movie. At least if you’re looking for world building.

Which is my favorite type of content. It opens your brain to new possibilities and ideas.

I’m sure this is due to the cost and complexity of creating a movie vs writing a book. Hopefully, the current trend towards making movie tools cheap continues and we see a proliferation.

What compelling universes am I missing?

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