Education should be the US’s #1 priority.

Then: Taxes, Basic Income and Innovation.
If I were to run for political office my platform would look something like this:

1. Education: We need to invest in alternative forms of education. Experience based education. Creative education. Break the molds that exist. The “tests” that show the US behind don’t matter. What matters is creating a diverse class of adults that have a variety of skills. Skills that they will apply to solving impossible problems. To creating new products and services. To taking impossible risks. To interact with people. To continuing the US’s economic and technological dominance. Education is #1 because if we have educated and empowered people, they will solve our other problems.

2. Reform the Tax Code: Make is MUCH simpler. Figure out how to make it so that people LIKE paying taxes. Find out how we can structure taxes so that people see direct links between their spending and the benefits they get. Take advantage of the automation of everything and figure out how to tax automation. Tax value not people. Only then will people stop complaining about taxes. And then, we can get rid of the budget deficit and government debt.

3. Basic Income: Automation is going to eliminate all current jobs eventually. If we do not prepare for this as a country we will have a massive crisis on our hands. Unemployment will skyrocket. Once the budget is there, through taxing value creation (automation), we can provide all people an income. This could be tied to people furthering their eduction in our newly awesome education system. Human brains are the most valuable and scarce resource in the world. The rest of them are replaceable. Human brains are not. (yet) Lets make sure to take advantage of the ones that we have.

4. Science, Technology, Infrastructure, Exploration and Defense: Now the basics are there: 1. Educated capable citizens and 2. Funding. Now we spend the rest of that surplus on new technology and expansion. Expand into space. Take more territory. And sure, we need to defend it too.

What would you prioritize?

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