Socioeconomic status is the primary filter for who we consider our friends.

Its not something that society like to talk about. But, its rare to see individuals of different status forming true lasting friendships.

We’d like to think that everyone is equal. That we could form a friendship with anyone. In reality, that falls apart for a variety of reasons:

1. Different goals. The wealthier you are the more freedom you have to care about things like happiness and the fate of the world. Whereas people on lower rungs have much more tangible and short term cares. You end up talking past each other. Its much easier to relate and form bonds with people that are striving for the same things.

2. Incompatible spending power. Logistically its difficult. One party is restricted in the # of activities that he/she can take part in with the other party. This may be ok for short periods of time. Over the long term, this will become frustrating and the friends will begin to spend more time with people of equal means. Where the topic of how “expensive” something is doesn’t need to be constantly revisited.

3. Different life experience. Related but slightly separate from goals is life experience. If your entire life is full of hard work and earning everything that you get, it will be difficult to have sympathy for a person who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

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