Reading news is a waste of time.

1. The amount of actual new information in a news story from day to day is tiny. You’re just reading the same thing every day with 1 or 2 sentences added. Stated in a slightly new way.

2. Its wrong most of the time. If you look back at the news during any major event in history, they had no idea what was actually going on. Only in hindsight, with time to process everything, does it become clear.

3. Its a much better use of time to consume long form content. Content that wasn’t written on a 6 hour deadline. Content that took someone 2 years to research and write. Or even just a few weeks.

4. It doesn’t actually affect your day to day life. You can read news once a month and not miss out on anything that will require changes in your life. The obvious exception here is if your job is somehow tied to a certain type of news. Even then, you don’t need to read all news. Just the topics that matter to you.

5. The focus on the 24 hour news cycle leads to less in-depth journalism and writing. As everyone knows, instant gratification is the death of us all. If we prioritize long form content and pay for it, then there will be more in-depth analysis and less propaganda. Less people trying to get by on statements that sound good but don’t have anything under the surface.

Let the professionals in each field process the news and then release a summary months later. Read that.

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