At this point the EU is either going to fall apart or centralize and become a superpower.

Its been a little while since Brexit. Although not much has happened yet, the writing is on the wall.

The current structure of the EU hasn’t been working. Much like the Articles of Confederation in the young United States, the government is too weak.

Crucially, the EU cannot tax its member countries. This means that the EU government is dependent on its member states to fund it. Its the same issue that the original US government had with its member states. The EU can’t drive policy forward until it has the power to raise funds.

Once that is established, the next logical step is for the EU to field an army.

With those two institutions established the EU will mean something. It will justify the listing of all EU countries as one economy. It will allow the EU to play on the world stage at the level of the United States and China.

If they don’t do this, it will likely fall apart in the next few years as each country tries to assert itself. It will join the list of failed empires. Which will be bad for everyone in its borders. There will be less stability. Less economic growth. Less happiness.

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