The idea of “mise en place” and the gratification from it is fascinating.

Both how I can’t live about it and how other people don’t care about it.

Simply defined: “the preparation of equipment and food before service begins”

I apply it further to my life. I setup my surrounding so that there is a “default” state. This state is aesthetically pleasing and convenient. Everything looks good and is easy to access.

Then, as I go about my life, after every activity I make sure to immediately place everything back into its place after using it.

Something like this:

1. Pull out the tools I need for the job

2. Do the job.

3. Put all the tools back before moving on to the next activity.

A couple examples:

1. When I’m returning from a trip, the first thing I do when I walk in the door is unpack my bag and place it back in storage. Before relaxing.

2. After a night of entertaining I will do the dishes and clean before going to sleep.

3. After returning from a long bike ride I will unload all trash from storage, refill the bike toolkit with a spare inner tube (if I had to replace one) and place all the cycling kit in the laundry or storage.

The result of this is:

1. I rarely have to clean or tidy up.

2. A strong sense of satisfaction.

Its this sense of satisfaction that fascinates me. Its by far the main reason that I do it. Even though it is nice to not have to tidy and lose things constantly.

Yet, for the vast majority of people, this sense of satisfaction doesn’t seem to be enough to ingrain the practice. Is it that they’ve never tried? That they don’t feel the same sense of satisfaction? That the positives don’t outweigh the extra effort for them?

What do you think? Do you do this?

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