Theres a tendency for society to groupthink when it comes to design.

The initial critics or group of people that are exposed make a judgement. Either “OMG its amazing” or “The worst ever.”. And then everyone else just sort of takes that for granted. Without doing their own thinking.

The tendency of not-so-great things to be extremely popular is heavily covered in the popular conscious. The other side not so much.

A few examples of this on the negative but complicated side:

1. The Purple Hotel. Often derided as an eyesore prior to its demolition, its just a standard midwest hotel that is much better due to the addition of purple brick.…/episode-58-purple-reign/

2. The William Beaver House (Now 15 William). Often called the ugliest skyscraper in the world. It actually looks pretty distinctive and the yellow black pattern gives it an attractive abstract look.

3. The Pontiac Aztek. Due to an appearance on breaking bad and quirky looks it has be ridiculed for years. Its now seeing a resurgence in the 2nd hand market. Turns out it wasn’t that bad.

4. Bubble Houses. So poorly regarded that their owners in Virginia were shamed and people drove by just to gawk at them. Yet, the houses are extremely cheap and ultimately served their purpose of providing cheap housing.

What examples of popularly derided design do you disagree with?

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