There seem to be two types of conversations that people have:

1. Recount Stories. This tends to be where one person recounts a crazy thing they did and then everyone else is waiting to tell how their crazy story was even better. A lot of the time these are related to alcohol or drugs.

2. Solve Problems. Where the back and forth is talking about hypothetical or real problems. In the world or in our lives and trying to come up with solutions.

They don’t seem to be related to the people’s socioeconomic status or profession. Not sure what does determine how people tend to interact.

Recounting stories is interesting since this used to be the only way that people could get new information. So, it was highly valuable. Now if you’re in a recounting stories conversation it tends to be a matter of “one-upmanship” or just waiting until your turn to tell your story.

Especially bad in my opinion are the drinking stories. Or crazy drug experience stories. They just don’t seem to add anything to anyones lives. To be fair, I’ve been guilty of that in the past too. Especially in college. But, hopefully its something that I’ve grown out of a bit.

I find much greater value in the hypothetical conversation to solve problems.

Even though its often an exercise where you don’t actually have the right solution, it helps to train your brain. For when you actually have to solve real problems.

^Day 60/90 250 words

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