This morning I work up, put on my clothes to run, and nearly went right back to sleep.

I relied on willpower. Don’t rely on willpower.

Its fascinating. After 2 years of getting up early and running / biking / doing something else, this mindset persists.

My current hypothesis is that I haven’t been running much lately. I’ve been biking instead. So the habit of get up run and be excited about it has been on hiatus. Its only been a week or two and its enough to break the habit slightly.

Once I got out the door and 1/4 through the run I was so happy. I couldn’t have imagined not doing it.

Right after waking up, when I nearly went back to sleep, I KNEW thats how I would feel after getting started. And it didn’t help. I still nearly just went back to sleep.

Two things finally got me out the door:

1. Other people getting up. And not wanting to be seen going back to sleep.

2. Adjusting my workout from a hard long interval speed work to a long fast run which is easier to get started on. Easier to ease into.

This is another example of the limits of willpower. You can’t just “try harder” or “do better next time”. You have to set up external factors that are reliably going to push you to achieve your goals. It might be peer pressure, tracking, or starting small.

Whatever it is, don’t rely on willpower. You’re never get anything done.

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