Clear communication is key to not being frustrated.

I have a tendency to assume that others think the same way I do. Or that they understand what I mean or am saying based on a few words.

This leads to me asking for things and then being frustrated when they are not complete to the level that I intended.

Its much easier to deal with this problem up front than to be frustrated and angry later. Ways to deal with this problem:

1. Write out exactly what you expect the output of an action to be. This is often overkill but for an important project or request it can be worth it.

2. Ask the person you are talking to to repeat back what you are asking of them. If they are unable to use words that you agree with then you have not done a good enough job explaining.

3. Track how often you are frustrated with results. If this is happening on a daily basis, you should make a concerted effort to fix it.

4. Change the people you are asking. If you have tried all the above and are still not getting the results that you would like, change who you’re asking. This may mean switching service providers, relying on different people for different things, not asking family to do certain things or changing staff. The result will be better than struggling with the same issues over and over.

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