Tech is enabling everyone to work happy.

As long as you produce and share it.

In the past your work had to be valued by the people in your immediate community. Now you just need to find a thousand true fans out of the 7 Billions people in the world.

This means that people like can make a living. Just making slingshots.

We’re not yet to the point where anyone can do anything. But we’re getting there.

We’re getting to the point where you won’t need to work hard to find an audience. You will do what you like doing. Tech will connect you with people that are willing to pay you to consume it.

The one caveat is that you must produce something. Even if its just video, audio or writing.

This applies now too. To enjoy this new paradigm you must produce and publish. If you are doing the coolest thing in the world by yourself in a shut room, it won’t matter. The only way to make a living is to share it.

To “Sell Out”. But, if you don’t share it what is the point? and only by sharing can you focus on it full time.

If you’re worried about your creations not being good enough you should still share it. If its not good enough you’ll get feedback. And that will help you improve it. Much more than sitting in a room and second guessing yourself.

Create + share + improve = (eventually) profit.

For more on 1,000 true fans:

^Day 65/90 261 words

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