“Things are not getting worse they’re getting uncovered.”

It seems like the world is worse than it ever has been.

In reality, things have never been better.

We just have access to everything.

We see the deaths in Africa. We see the fighting in the middle east. We see the regime in North Korea.

For proof: http://www.slate.com/…/the_world_is_not_falling_apart_the_t…

In addition, injustices that have been around for decades or centuries are finally being corrected. Often at the cost of stability. But isn’t this better than the alternative? Better


1. Police violence in the USA. This isn’t new. Its just that everyone has cameras now. Now its being reported.

2. ISIS / Terrorism in the Middle East. These tensions were always there. They were just suppressed by brutal dictators. To get to a democratic society its going to take a little conflict.

Credit to Andrew Fuller and Russell Simmons for the quote at the top.

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