There 4 are health habits that are not on the radar of schools and parents.

We all know about nutrition and exercise being under-taught. These are completely under the radar.

1. Healthy alcohol consumption. In the US the default method of teaching kids about alcohol is: “DON’T TOUCH IT”. We know this doesn’t work by both looking at our current society and by looking back at prohibition. When we do teach alcohol, the default is “Don’t drink too much”. We don’t give people the tools to make this happen. We just assume they’ll figure it out. Thats not how addictive substances work. Our other solution is “Go to AA” and stop drinking forever. This may work but alienates people who would rather consume alcohol in moderation. And still doesn’t help them to address it. Giving people a way to have real time feedback is a real solution. Apps are getting there, for example:

2. Mobility training. There is an emphasis on exercise and sports. But not on range of motion. Even though as a society we are more and more sedentary, we still ignore this. Most people by the time they reach their 20s can’t touch their toes, clasp their arms behind their backs and a litany of other basic poses. This slow erosion leads discomfort, injuries and lower quality of life as people get older. Its completely preventable. The current trend of yoga and similar practices is helping. But, yoga is not at all scientific in its method of addressing mobility issues. Something like is much better.

3. Ergonomics and posture. Related to #2 but deserving of its own category. Most people are not taught how they should sit, walk and run. They are also not taught the strengthening exercises that they can do to do these things correctly. Again, its not just about “trying harder” its about having the right tools. About making it impossible to fail. Not relying on willpower.

4. Self-defense. This tends to be something that people get into when they are older. Many never do. It seems completely reasonable that schools should teach basics of how to disable and flee from an attacker. This is important for interacting with strangers. It is even more important for women in domestic abuse situations.

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