I’m excited about the Hudson river.

Its already much cleaner than it was a century ago.

Yet. Its still much dirtier than it was when Europeans discovered it.

Text from the time describes being able to see the bottom of the river in some places. Seeing the fish swimming under water. This is obviously no longer the case.

The billion oyester project is trying to change this. “By 2030, one billion live oysters will be distributed around 100 acres of reefs, making the Harbor once again the most productive waterbody in the North Atlantic and reclaiming its title as the oyster capital of the world.” http://billionoysterproject.org/

It would be epic.

There are other ways too. Though maybe further in the future.

We could design and release robots into the water that look like fish and filter the water.

But isn’t that what oysters are already? Little water filtration robots.

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