My favorite discovery of the last 2 weeks is tracking alcohol consumption by estimated BAC instead of # of drinks.

Its revolutionized the way I drink.

There are 2 major benefits:

1. Track drunkenness. In the past I would set limits for myself on the # of drinks I’d like to keep myself to but would routinely ignore them. Over time I realized that I was ignoring these limits because I knew that 3 drinks in one hour is not the same thing as 3 drinks over 6 hours. I didn’t care about total alcohol intake. I cared about max drunkenness. And I didn’t have a good formula for tracking that in my head.

2. Predicting drunkenness. Although I intuitively knew that the effects of alcohol don’t kick in immediately after consumption, I had a hard time visualizing this. Thus it wouldn’t really affect how I would drink. It would be based on desire instead of feedback. Its hard for anyone to self-assess their drunkenness. Thats part of the perception that alcohol messes with. Accurate external feedback is necessary to enable good decisions.

So how did I implement this?

I used an app,

It allows you to enter drinks and it will calculate your drunkenness trajectory over time. It will show you how long it will be until peak drunkenness from your drink.

This allows you to set a max drunkennesses level and accurately see whether a drink will put you over it.

It will also allow you to see when your drunkennesses will go down and having another drink might be ok.

As a plus, it syncs all this data into Apple Health where other apps can use it.

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