Obsession with attending events is backwards.

We don’t think of consumption applied to events. But we in the privileged United States have an obsession with attending the “best” events. Dining a the “best” restaurants. Getting invited to the “best” parties.

And we pursue that as a means to meet interesting people.

Thats backwards.

The seemingly harder but actually easier way to find interesting people is to create.

Create interesting things. Spend your time thinking about how you can do something others will enjoy. What can you change about the world to make it better. What can you create.

Then, start creating.

At the beginning, everything you do will be bad. People will criticize you. You will improve. You will create good things.

The interesting people will come to you.

The opportunities will come to you.

Life will be better and you won’t have to spend any time chasing experiences.

^Day 78/90 153 words

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