I used to think that no one should be allowed to raise kids.

That the government should take away kids from their parents. That professional kid raisers should raise them.

This system has a few attractive qualities:

1. It gets rid of inequality in opportunity. It no longer matters who your parents are. Each child will get the same (or similar) education. Its a powerful tool for eliminating socio economic inequality.

2. It allows kid raisers to hone their craft over time. Why should raising kids, the most important job in society, not be specialized and professionalized in the same way that every other profession has been? These professional kid raisers would know exactly how to mold and shape kids to contribute to society.

3. It gives parents freedom. It would allow parents to focus on themselves and their contributions to society. It would allow women to forgo the career sacrifices associated with having children. It would go a long way towards eliminating the pay gap between the genders.

It also has some obvious drawbacks. Many people get their life purpose from their children.

I’ve since changed my mind.

This is due to one factor: diversification.

Precisily because kid raising is the most important job in the human race, it shouldn’t be centralized. If its centralized, we run the risk of stagnation. Of not discovering innovative new parenting techniques.

The way its set up now every parent comes at kid raising from a different perspective. Every parent has the chance to innovate. Either consciously or unconsciously.

Its these innovations that generate the most interesting kids. The ones that contribute the most back to society. The ones that create the most interesting things.

In a central system this would be much less common.

We’d risk stagnation like we’ve seen in centrally planned economies.

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