Donald Trump is awful.

But his supporters will not abandon him. They have no viable alternative.

He has been surfing a wave. A wave of people who feel left out of the elite vision of America by the elites pushing their agenda at the expense of everyone else.

People fear that the country is going the wrong direction.

Lower income, lower education white Americans are feeling left out.

They see the backlash agains White privilege and they think: “Wait a minute, my life sucks! Where is this privilege?”

They see the trade deals that have made companies richer without acknowledging that they also hurt some workers.

They think “Why are we focusing on LGBT rights when I can’t afford my retirement?”

“Why is it so hard to get training for one of those high paying jobs in the cities?”

“Why won’t the government acknowledge and act on the fact that terrorism is predominantly committed by Muslims?”

The democrats belittle these concerns. They won’t even acknowledge them.

“The left worries more about combatting global warming than about blue-collar workers with bad backs and no jobs. The right promises to retrain them, but somehow never gets around to it.” – John Ibbitson, for the globe and mail.

Its a communication failure. Both the republican and democratic parties aren’t listening.

The democrats judge you for not thinking like them and expect you to change your views on a dime. They don’t give you a path. Its all or nothing.

The republicans exploit lower-income voters by appealing to their fears. They don’t address the root cause. They just lower taxes and make deals to make themselves richer.

Trump finally started to change that narrative. Thats why he has the support. He pointed out that this divide exists.

To overcome this we’re going to have to start listening again. Listening to people that we don’t agree with. Listening to people who we might find repulsive. We must get past that and to the underlying concerns.

We have to listen to their concerns and find real strategies to address them.

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