Why I exercise every day for 45m+

1. It clears my mind and puts me into a different mental state. This is by far the biggest benefit for me. I’m not sure on the exact details of how this works but every day when I exercise I am more clear and more focused. If I miss a few days in a row I start to feel slower and less clear on what to do. Its such a big effect for me that I would estimate my mood is 50% lower on days I don’t exercise.

2. Its meditative. Running or biking for an extended period of time puts you into a flow state. This state is like mediation. It allows me to think. Often I will discover answers to problems I had been struggling with while running.

3. It allows me to eat a higher calorie diet. Part of the joy of living is to be able to taste food. This is hardwired into our bodies by evolution. If we don’t eat we die. So, it has become one of the bigger pleasures of living. Through exercise, I can be a little less careful about the quantity that I consumer.

4. It is impressive to others. Its a great conversation tool. It allows me to see how others react to attributes about you that are uncommon or hard to achieve. If someones reaction is negative or fear driven, its usually a good sign they’re not worth spending time with. If they respect what I’m trying to do and share their own achievements and goals, then I’m in the company of the right person.

5. It keeps me looking good. Tied to the previous point. Although much of society now derides trying to impress other people with visuals, it is a fact that this is part of the first impression that you make on people. Does it look like you put effort into your appearance? This is often the first judgement made and can alter how the crucial first few minutes of an interaction go.

6. It keeps my mobility high. One of the biggest problems with longevity today is reduced mobility. You see people living to 95 but not being able to do much the last 30-40 years. Consistent, balanced exercise is the answer to this. I’d like to live as long as I can. And I’d like to do it in a way where I am able to move and do anything I like until the end.

7. It has long term health benefits. There are a myriad of health benefits to exercise which are at this point well proven. People that exercise tend to live longer and healthier lives. Even going as far as reducing the incidence of cancer.

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