Exercising in the morning is optimal.

1. Endorphin boosts have greatest impact. Exercising gives you an endorphin boost that increases your mood. When you do that first thing in the morning it affects your entire day. Sleeping resets your body. If you wait until the afternoon or evening to exercise the first half of your day will not have the benefit of the endorphin boost.

2. Its non-negotiable. By doing it first thing in the morning there are much fewer distractions and excuses. You won’t have extra work that was just assigned at 5pm. You won’t have tempting invitations to go meet your friends for drinks. You won’t have any reason to skip it. And it frees up your afternoon and evening to do whatever you want.

3. It keeps you disciplined at the end of the day. If you’re waking up in the morning you have to set a regular bedtime. Otherwise you’ll crash over time and decrease your performance over time. This will ensure that you get enough sleep and that you have a full and productive day every day.

4. You get started before everyone else. It gives you some time to yourself. Some time without distractions and inbound requests. To do whatever you want. Read, write or even just listen to audio books or podcasts while exercising.

Whats your argument for a different time?

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