There are no original ideas.

Yet, we all think we’re unique.

We all take things that we’ve heard, tweak them or combine them with another idea we’ve heard and then regurgitate.

Its like ideas are viruses and we are the hosts.

They have to come from somewhere, incubate in our brains for a while, and then combine with other ideas as we convey them. (This gets at the “free will” question as well. Do we actually have any say over what we say?)

At best, our ideas are original to our group of friends. Or, if you’re a “Influencer” then your ideas are original to your target market. The group of people that you influence.

The ideas come from reading the cutting edge of past and present ideas, discussing them with your group of friends and then broadcasting them out into the world.

It seems bad when you first hear it. This isn’t bad.

It seems like “Well I shouldn’t share ideas that aren’t my own original ideas”. Thats an incorrect feeling. If that was the case nothing would ever be shared or spread. Just because ideas are not brand spanking new, it doesn’t mean that people won’t get value from them. As long as the people that you are sharing those ideas with have not heard them it is worthwhile.

So, no you’re not original.

And, yes I do want to hear what you have to say anyway.

^Day 89/90 243 words

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