We’re developing a world government.

Its happening gradually and without anyones consent.

It will take time but the process has been going on for millennia.

This government isn’t what you’d expect from a “World Empire”. Its not the top down centralized state of most science fiction. Not a government where either a global “democratic” body or a central dictator set the agenda from the top down to every jurisdiction.

Instead, we’re seeing a layering of governments on top of each other. The bottom, smallest, layers are the strongest. Over time layers are being added and strengthened.

This system works along the following principles:

1. Each of these governmental layers has jurisdiction over different issues.

2. Over time, these layers are becoming more necessary and more formalized. Starting from 1 to 9. In the beginning only 1 existed. Over time each new level is “unlocked” by society. At first its weak and informal. But, over time it becomes more and more solid.

3. The layers allow for maintenance of cultural identity but continued cooperation.

We’re now witnessing the solidification of level 8 (The Continent) and 9. (The World).

There are 9 layers:

1. The individual. This is the fundamental building block of our society. Although we could try to get more granular than this, down to parts of the brain and cells, for our purposed its better to leave this to biologists. This is what matters because individual ostensibly can choose whose authority to follow. They can change locations and change groups. Commonly moving between cities and countries while less commonly moving between families or communities. Importantly, this is also the oldest and original form of government.

2. The family. This governmental unit is also ancient. It was the first one that bound groups of our ancestors together into joint behaviors. They coordinated actions to gather more food and create better survival odds for the family.

3. The community. After families were established, extended communities began to be governed. These were tribes and were location based. Now they are often professional or educational in nature. People that went to the same school together. People that were in the same industry. This is you and your friends. This organizational structure is also ancient. It still exists and still governs how you make decisions.

4. Neighborhood (in cities) / Town. Once people started gathering in larger areas to specialize skills and pool resources a structure of government above your friends and family became necessary. There needed to be a way to organize people with people that you don’t know. Now, this is towns in smaller areas. In cities its the neighborhood and the city council representatives / often elected national representatives.

5. The City / Region. The rise of large cities and before that regions with many towns in them led to another governmental layer. Again, initially this was informal and the developed into the well defined city and region governments that we now have.

6. The local Area. In smaller countries the local area is often just the entire country. But, in larger countries this is the state or administrative region. These preceded nation states as an organizing principle and eventually combined into them. This was most visible in the unification of the German and Italian states at the end of the 19th century.

7. The Country. The nation states that we know and love. By no means have governments always existed at this level. By no means will we not create structures above this level.

8. The Continent. This is the first level of government that will bring us to a world government. Its becoming more solid and structured over time. It started by cooperation between countries on the same continent for trade, immigration and defence. Now we see the formalization in organizations like NAFTA, the European Union and the African Union. The process is slow but moving towards unity.

9. The World. Currently the ultimate coordination level. (This will change once we move to other planets.) Attempts to create structure at this level have been in play since the League of Nations. We now have the United Nations and institutions like the World Bank and International Criminal Court. They’re all currently weak. We’ll likely need to wait for solid governmental structures at level 8 (The Continent), before we get to a world government. It will happen. It won’t have the same power as a nation state’s government does but it will still be a stabilizing and growth bringing force.

This addition of governmental layers always leads to better outcomes. More safety. More growth. Better standards of living.

It will happen on its own.

But, if we perpetuate the story more, it will become an ideal that the world strives towards.

^Day 90/90 793 words

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