So I’ve done 90 posts in 90 days.

Well 88 posts, turns out I messed up the counting and missed one day.

To celebrate, I’ve done two things:

1. I categorized all the posts and wrote a long post for today (officially day 90/90) with cool charts on which posts were most controversial and what I tend to write about. Spoiler: The post entitled “Marijuana is Bad” was most controversial.

2. I’m going to keep posting. I’ll be posting here on Facebook as well as on Medium. Medium will help me to reach a larger audience. If you prefer Medium for reading or like what I’m writing about it and want to spread it, click through and follow me on medium.

Thanks for the comments and conversations so far and the encouragement. Looking forward to more good ideas and discussions in the future.

PS. If you have any feedback for me or recommendations on what to write about I am all ears.

^Day 90/90 166 words

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