The best way to achieve a goal is to break it down into small daily habits.

This makes the longer term goal tangible. It makes it easier to approach something longterm and scary. Instead of seeing a goal that seems unachievable, you see an action that you can take right now. It gets you over your fear of failure. All you have to do is take a few little steps, “That can’t be so bad, right?”.

A few examples:

1. Goal: Lose weight. A few habits: 1. Walk 5 minutes daily 2. Eat a vegetable every day. 3. Track calories daily

2. Goal: Write more. Habit: Write 25 words daily

3. Goal: Communicate more . Habit:

4. Goal: Sell 20 Projects. Habit: Pitch 1 project daily.

5. Goal: Get a new job. Habit: Apply to 1 job daily.

Once you’ve set those initial habits you then need to escalate. Once 5 minutes of walking daily is easy, escalate to 15. Once pitching one project per day is easy, escalate to 5.

The good news is that you’ll find yourself walking for much longer than 5 minutes even before you escalate the habit. Once you start doing something it is easier to keep doing it.

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