Using drugs for day to day performance enhancement is ineffective.

That includes alcohol, caffeine, marijuana and adderall.

Each of those claims to have some sort of “use case” that can help the average person be more social, focus, relax etc…

In the typical case

Using a drug to achieve a certain state lets you skip the hard personal reflection and examination of getting to that state without it.

This would be ok if:

1. It was always available

2. There were no side-effects

3. It wasn’t the same internal reflection that is required to overcome all hard problems.

It is important because that difficulty is the same process for all hard things.

So, if you can learn to make yourself more social, for example, that is the same skill as making yourself more focused.

It is learning to control your mind.

Learning one automatically gives you many others.
With drugs, you just get a quick one-time fix that doesn’t last, isn’t fully effective and has negative side effects.

Its much more effective to train your brain to be able to do things. That ability will continue to reap dividends forever.

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