If you have been sleeping an average of 8 hours a night and then sleep for 5 hours 1 night. How does that affect performance for that day?

There is a lot of literature showing that at a systemic level sleep is enormously important to income.

The most fascinating example of this is by measuring sleep and income in cities that are on the east and west sides of a time zone. In the city on the western edge of a time zone people go to sleep later, because its lighter longer, and on average sleep less. Since they wake up at the same time to get to work.

Economist Matthew Gibson found “that permanently increasing sleep by an hour per week for everybody in a city, increases the wages in that location by about 4.5%.” Which is a massive increase. At the median income in the USA (~$50k) thats $2,250 just for living in a different city. Just for sleeping an extra hour.

Source: http://freakonomics.com/…/the-economics-of-sleep-part-2-a-…/

But, how about on a day to day basis?

A study done on a cumulative basis found that consistent under-sleeping on a weekly level is also massively detrimental.

Every 2 hours in the lab participants answered a set of questions which established mood and cognitive ability. There were three groups:

1. 8 hours of sleep per night. As you can guess, this group did well indefinitely.

2. 4 hours of sleep per night. Again, no surprise, this group deteriorated steadily.

3. 6 hours of sleep per night. This group did well for 10 days. At that point two things happened: 1. They started performing just as poorly as people who were not allowed to sleep for 48 hours straight. 2. The DIDN’T NOTICE, they thought they were doing great.


So, under sleeping consistently is bad on the week scale. And its bad at a statistical scale as it leads to lower income.

But, what about on a one day basis?

If I’ve been sleeping 8 hours a night and then one day sleep 5. Should I clear my morning to get the full 8?

Or should I write it off as a one-time occurrence and count on the full 8 hours the next night making up for the deficit?

Is it worth losing the 3 hours of the morning to get the full 8 hours or will it be enough to get back to the routine the next day?

This is a question that I’m currently working through in my habits. I tend to want to catch up to the full 8 hours but feel like I’m leaving productivity on the table.

What do you think?

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