On uncovered vs worse.

We’re going to live in an interesting time. What happens when everyone knows everything?

Is that better or worse than we are now?

Sure, if the government knows everything about us thats bad. Because then the government can 100% enforce regulations that are not 100% correct. Like Marijuana use.

But, thats only bad if we don’t know everything about the government.

If the people are 100% aware of everything in the government then we can protest. We can see the mass arrests for Marijuana and say something about it.

In this hypothetical completely transparent world we also could have 100% democracy. There could be a system that knows how you feel on a certain issue and that can drive policy instead of having intermediaries that might misrepresent what the people think.

And as we publicize all the private things people do that are not completely “normal” there will be outrage. But the norms will change. The things that are truly bad will be easier to identify. And the things that only “seem” bad will become normal.

Sure, there will be turmoil in the short term. As the government tries to 100% enforce laws. The people react. As the people find out 100% about what the government does. There will be riots.

But, wouldn’t it be worth it?

^Day 102/90 225

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