6 Days until Donald Trump is president.

I’ll be voting for HRC.

But. People are much too confident that she will win.

The last year is full of examples of the public underestimating the support for DT.

Remember when he could never win the primary? Now he’s the republican nominee.

Remember when that audio recording was the end of his campaign? Now he is even in polling.

DT’s support seems to be inelastic. No matter what he does his supporters are willing to pay the price of association.

HRC has a track record of fucking things up. Starting back with her healthcare plan and all the way to the 2008 election.

She has nowhere to go but down. He has nowhere to go but up.

Any revelations at this point are more likely to favor him than her.

Whats my point?

You should probably go vote for HRC. Even if you think it doesn’t matter.

^Day 107/90 160 words

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