4 days until Hilary Clinton is president.

She’s awful and she’s the best candidate for president.

She lies and changes her opinion based on what is popular.

She takes money from dictators.

She (and her husband) charge for speeches to non-profit organizations.

She’s not only the best of the two options. She is the best option.

She knows how to play the system and has ideals.

She has the support of the establishment and cares enough to change it.

She’s “money grubbing”. That means she will listen to the people.

She wants power. So she’ll do what it takes to get it. And what it takes to get it is to care for the interests of the people.

True, she hides her ideals behind what is politically ok to say right now. And thats good. She stays alive to fight another day.

She cares about incremental change. The only kind that works.

She can cut through the political bullshit and push for a better America.

^Day 109/90 190 words

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