3 days until Hilary Clinton is president.

Don’t not vote because you don’t agree with either candidate.

Yes, its not ideal that we have to choose between two candidates that we don’t agree with.

But not voting won’t change that. What will change that is voting in this election. Not only for the presidential candidates but also for all the other races on the ballot.

And yes, even of the other races on the ballot there are few choices.

Thats because you need to vote in primaries and local elections to influence those over the long term.

When is the last time you voted in your local elections?

Don’t be surprised that you don’t have a candidate in the presidential election that you like if that is the only election you vote in.

You’re missing 99% of the process.

Go and vote in this election. Start building the habit of voting every time there is a possible election to vote in.

Do the research each time you go vote and pick people you want. Don’t stick to the party lines.

And be vocal about those local elections. Don’t only speak out once every 4 years when we are electing the president.

At that point its already too late.

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