2 days until the world ends.

It could go one of many ways.

1. Donald Trump is elected president.

1a. Stock market crashes and people line up at the borders to leave.

1b. Trump says something stupid and world war 3 starts.

1c. Trump finds out that he can’t actually do anything that he wants to do. Gets super upset and resigns. Starts a civil war.

1d. Trump gives a speech “Haha you guys think I’m going to do all those things I said? You’re insane”. Nobody trusts a political candidate every again (for 5 years). Insider or outsider.

2. Hillary Clinton is elected president.

2a. Trump calls foul play and there are riots in the streets killing thousands.

2b. It leads to a second civil war with trump supporters digging in and cutting off supply chains to cities.

2c. The republican party dissolves and ostracizes those that sided with trump leading to a new 2 party system. HRC is bitter and makes it worse leading to unreconcilable difference.

2d. HRC and the democrats admit to being too antagonistic in the election. They reach out to trump supporters and start a conversation about what they are actually afraid of. Progress is made. (yeah right)

3. Something completely unexpected happens. It leads to a complete breakdown of the US election system. After months of wrangling, the constitution is amended and a more direct democracy is implemented.

What do you think would happen in either scenario?

^Day 111/90 249 words

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