Most of the responses I’m reading to the election are people pissed off.

They’re reaffirmations of strongly held beliefs. Understandable reactions but not helpful.

This sort of dialog perpetuates the echo chamber. Writing about how awful it is that DT is president isn’t going to do anything about immigration, women’s rights, minority rights or any of the other issues that he is wrong on.

Its the same dynamic that got him elected. Ignoring the actual plans and issues.

Instead of complaining, form an action plan.

I’ve read 100s of posts and articles about this election in the past day. None of them even did the simple act of sharing what he is actually planning. He did the courtesy of publishing it before the election. Go check it out:…/O-TRU-102316-Contractv02.…

Now get ready to fight the items you disagree on. If you need places to organize that. Heres a list:…

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