Don’t be a hypocrite.

Don’t ostracize the people you disagree with. That only makes it worse.

Don’t blame others. Look at your actions.

Look at what you could do.

What can you change.

What actions can you take.

Don’t vilify others. That will do nothing to convince them of your point of view. It will only make them believe more strongly that you are wrong.

Instead of saying “I can’t believe they voted that way.” think, “I wonder why.”

Don’t cling to the popular vs electoral vote. If the election had gone the other way you wouldn’t give a shit that the popular vote opposed you. You’d be ecstatic.

Hillary had nearly 9 million less votes than Barrack did. Don’t blame the people who switched sides or didn’t vote. Blame yourself. Examine why such an unpopular candidate was picked for the democratic nomination.

You can only control your actions. And vilification is not an effective persuasion tactic.

It may make you feel better. Feel “safer” to be surrounded by people that agree with you. But, the word sycophants is negative for a reason. Sycophants disappear. They don’t survive. Because they don’t see the challenges.

Examine what can and should be done differently.

Then go make that happen.

^Day 115/90 212 words

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