A morning routine is the key to success.

It will ensure you achieve your goals.

A good routine will:
1. Get all your daily non-negotiables done.
2. Put you in your desired mindset.

Sleep is the closest we have to taking a break from life. When you come back out of that dream world you are disoriented and on a different page then before.

An automatic morning routine can put you in the mindset that you need to and make sure that you take all the actions required to reach your goals.

Examples of good morning routine components:

1. Exercise – Getting it out of the way means that you are free to do whatever you like with the rest of the day.

2. Meditation – Do that mindset change.

3. Breakfast – Having the same breakfast every day means that you can pick something that you love and is good for you. It will get your diet off on a great foot.

4. Focused Work – The morning can be the best time shut out all distractions and get a good hour or two of focused creative work. It could be writing, coding, drawing or anything that you just need your brain and a creation format.

5. Go outside – Nature has a calming effect on us humans. Take advantage of that.

6. Review goals – Remind yourself of what you care about and re-build the urgency of accomplishment.

7. Read or Listen to Long-form content – Consume knowledge that people spent significant time researching and putting together. You may not have time otherwise to do it. To learn.

Examples of bad morning routine components:

1. Reading news – Fuck the news. Its mostly inaccurate, designed to suck in your attention, and will just distract you from your goals.

2. Responding to email – Forget about other people and what they want from you. Figure out what you want first and then, only if its aligned with your goals, respond to others.

My routine is by no means perfect:

6:30 Wakeup & Brush Teeth
6:40 Meditate for 20 Minutes
7:00 Run or Bike Outside (often while listening to an audiobook or podcast)
8:30 Shower
9:00 Personal Evolution
9:45 Write 25+ words
10:00 Commute while listening to an audiobook or podcast

I don’t always get to it, especially on weekends but the days that I do I am more effective.

^Day 116/90 411 words

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