Sugar is the devil.

Yet, its not “trendy” to be anti-sugar.

Sugar is the leading cause of obesity in the United States.

In the 50s the US government came to this conclusion and began moving towards mandating reduction of sugar in consumer products. The big sugar peddling firms objected. They decided that fat should be the enemy. Because of course eating fat is what makes you fat.

This led to the surge in low-fat products. The bad news is that when you remove fat from food it tastes like cardboard. So, they added more sugar to make it taste better.

This leads to the people who think they are being healthy actually making themselves more obese.

Turns out eating low-fat products makes you fat.

Being vegan is cool. Being vegan has no clear scientific health benefits. At least not nearly as large across the board as reducing sugar intake.

The recommendation for added sugar in a typical day for an average person is 6 grams.

A 12 oz coke has 36 grams, or 600% of your daily values.

A typical low fat yogurt can contain 8 grams of sugar or 133% of your daily values.

You had no idea.

The sugar lobby made sure of that. Next time you eat something from a package, check the nutrition facts. You’ll notice that although it shows how many grams of sugar there are in a package, it doesn’t tell you the % daily value. Every other item has that. But if it was there you’d be shocked. You’d never buy soda or low-fat yogurt again.

This is what is keeping us fat.

And, its what is messing with your energy levels. If you eat sugar, you want to eat more sugar. Its an addiction.

Cut it out completely.

Be anti-sugar.

Why don’t restaurants have a no-sugar sign on their menus? Who cares about vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. Sugar is way more important.

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