The movement to have electors pick Hillary instead of Trump is doomed.

It ignores the deep seeded trends against the establishment that are the root cause for Hillary’s defeat.

What if there was a third way to do it?

To convince the electoral college to pick a third party candidate (Bloomberg).

This article lays out an interesting case:

“1. get the Republican Electoral College to block Donald Trump
2. get the Democratic Electoral College to write-in Michael Bloomberg
3. get the (Republican) House of Representatives to vote between Trump, Hillary, and Bloomberg”

I see a two main problems with this approach:

1. You face possible backlash from the House electing a candidate who was not voted on by the public at all.

2. How can you convince electors to break with tradition? Especially in such a big way.

That said, I do think Bloomberg would be a much easier case than getting republican electors to vote for Hillary.

What do you think? How could you solve those issues?

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