Incremental progress trumps finding the exactly right step to achieve massive results..

As a kid I used to always want to find the one action that would give me all the results that I needed.

If I didn’t get results in a few weeks or even in a few days I would abandon my quest whatever it was. This led to many started but never finished projects. To a lot of frustrated hopes.

I eventually realized that taking small obvious steps made a lot more sense. It allowed me to always make progress.

As an adult, incrementalism has ruled. Taking that one small step every day that adds up over time.

The best known example of this is compound interest vs speculating in the stock market. Returns from putting away a little bit every month on average are much higher than those from speculation.

This applies to everything.

You can start on incremental progress NOW. Instead of agonizing about exactly the right action to take that will result in massive results, take the most logical step.

Then see what happens.

And then adjust and take a slightly updated step.

You’ll come out much further ahead.

^Day 124/90 200 words

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