I was born in America. I’m not an American.

Not because of heritage and not because of the split in the United States between right and left.

I’m a human globalist.

Being an American would mean supporting the United States without reservation. It would mean promoting the interest of the US over the interests of other countries.

Being an American is nationalism. Nationalism led to some good but much pain in the last 2 centuries.

The bond between human beings for being human is more important than those stemming for living in the same place.

Conflicts among nations are a waste of time and resources.

There is a growing group of internationalists who operate on a plane above borders.

Its hard to know how large this group is and what defines them. But, it is clear that they are the future of humanity.

If we are to continue to evolve, to continue past this planet where we originated, we must work on a global scale.

We must work globally to solve problems and expand humanities reach in the universe.

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